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general information about the project

Artificial intelligence is shaping our future around the world, so it is extremely important to understand the changing environment at a transnational level, as technological progress may differ in different countries. The scope of vocational education varies greatly, students can pursue many professions, but some countries and regions are pioneers in certain technologies. As AI is changing these industries and professions in many ways, it is important to gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of AI on various sectors.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Online Learning

Our AI e-learning materials help you understand how AI programs work and provide guidance for their everyday use. With AI, you can navigate the challenges of daily life more efficiently and quickly.

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history of ai
ai terminology
the ai revolution
ai in different industries
ethics in ai development
transversal skills for ai
green and inclusive ai

multiplier events

In all partner countries there was a Multiplier event promoting the outcomes of the project work. In Poland there were series of events in Małaszewicze and Mława regions. Find out more below.

On March 22, 2024, a multiplier event was held at the Science and Business Center ŻAK